Sunday, December 25, 2011

once again, a new year on the horizon

Now that the presents are put away and the holiday food coma dwindling, it's time to come up with some resolutions for the coming year. In 2012, I will do my best--

*to make public a lot of poems I have been sitting on for the past three years
*to organize my cd collection, my bookshelves, my linen closet, and the studio shelves
*to write a series of poems about mermaids
*to distance myself people who are more trouble than they are worth
*to hold close the people who matter
*to buy more boots to make winter bearable
*to make more zines
*to learn lots of recipes for easy but delicious meals that neither require too many expensive ingredients nor require dirtying too many dishes.
*to master book binding
*to find the perfect vintage chenille bedspread for summer bedding
*to finish all the half finished projects at home and in the studio
*to eat more strawberries
*to be creative in using up supplies and not just buying new ones
*to find a working record player
*to take more walks on the beach and in the neighborhood
*to buy more poetry books
*to finally learn how to knit
*to create a dictionary of entirely made up animals
*to spend less money on Starbucks and more on cocktails

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Outsideofacat said...

i love the dictionary idea!