Sunday, November 27, 2011

autumn landscape with pie

So it has been a rather wallowy non productive week, only one poem written, some vague plans in terms of new additions to the shop, a couple books in galley stages glanced through but not quite proofed. Also, two thrifting expeditions ( mostly linens, old frames, a mirror). Two thanksgiving feasts, a successful attempt at scalloped corn, one load of laundry, an entire bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, 2 seasons of Vampire Diaries, and an unglodly amount of peanut butter/chocolate rice crispie treats. This week, I will be paying for my laziness with early mornings in the studio filling orders, making books, and getting ready for next week's open studio. The spectre December seems long, busy, and sort of bleak, but it would help if the heavy snow held off and at least it was a little warmer.

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