Thursday, October 20, 2011

This week has been filled with much fun cover design endeavors for the next few books, incorporating all sorts of cool things like collages, illustrations, and vintage maps. It has also been full of cold windy, blustery weather--the kind where the wind howls all night long outside my windows, making it much harder to crawl out from under that cozy down comforter. I've been bribing myself with hazelnut hot chocolate and new creative projects of my own, one the spectacle series (see below) and a series of new, quasi-humorous prose poems/snippets I am having fun with (more on those later if they pan out) Otherwise, I am just enduring my long, long week without a break and putting the finishing touches on my Halloween costume for Theatre Bizarre this weekend.

There are also preparations for havoc, which I am just starting to work on the layout now that I am caught up mostly on other chaps. This is just a mock-up of the cover, I'm thinking the final type may be slightly different, but look for it in the shop around the beginning of November.

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Andrea said...

I love this cover! The rabbit with the deer ears is particularly surreal.