Monday, October 24, 2011

In what is fast becoming a yearly tradition, we headed to Detroit over the weekend for the annual Theatre Bizarre Festivities, this year housed in Masonic Temple (which is apparenly the largest one in the US.) Built in the 20's it's a pretty amazing building and the events spanned seven floors, all of them dark, red lit, and labyrinthian, with all sorts of interesting things tucked in rooms and corridors--suspension performers, burlesque dancers, bands, and various carvival acts. The building itself was lovely, and you have to admit, all secret-society style creepy.

Since we got back, I've been marveling over the entire thing as John Dunivant's project, the creation of it's own little world with it's many characters, and themes, and plot lines. I am also reminded of this artist, who creates these little worlds (a perhaps, darker twistier version of Cornell's work). Not so much the creation of a piece of art, or even several pieces, but the creation of an entire world of their own.

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