Friday, April 08, 2011

whining and weather

This is very much a week of just pushing on through to the end, and endless week that was like 12 days long and filled with giant candle orders (not a giant candle, but many many small ones), chapbook making, library events all over the place, a messy apartment, UPS drama, minor annoying stressors, and colder than I would like weather. Today is the final day of it, and barring UPS fucking me over again and having to go down to the studio, I am hoping to ideally spend a relaxing weekend at home tending to things there, doing laundry and finding my dining room table if I am lucky.

I AM however making good progress on books and will be churning out the stragglers all this month as I complete them. If I can manage that *knock on wood* we will be totally back on schedule (whether we can stay there or not remains to be seen).

I am also cheered by the couple lone boats in the harbors and the tiny fingerling tulips that are just now starting to grow. Yesterday was followed by fog and a damp chill that I could see my breath in, followed later by rain that drenched me coming home. By Sunday, they are expecting upper 70's. I can't wait to throw open all my windows.

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