Sunday, March 20, 2011

the great southern road trip: part 2

Had an excellent time this week in San Antonio, a city as lovely as I expected, all Spanish architecture, palm trees, and warm weather. We were staying along the River Walk, and enjoyed a couple of day's sightseeing and amidst wedding festivities for my cousin. I indulged in a few too many strawberry margaritas, rode a trolley, ate alot of yummy Mexican food, saw the Alamo, went to Sea World, and slept on an amazingly comfortable bed that puts all others to shame. We were exhausted though by the time the wedding rolled around, a rooftop ceremony with an amazing view of downtown and a million twinkle lights. One thing I noticed about San Antonio was that it was literally filled with all sorts of literature and art--mosaics, public installations, etc. The hotel, El Tropicana, was covered in poetry, which was delightful (the gesture, if not some of the poems themselves) on the walls, sheets of it in the rooms, on monitors, near the public phones, everywhere you looked. Also a lot of deco influences among the Spanish ones.

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