Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the great southern road trip: part one

Even though much of our journey through Missouri and the eastern part of Oklahoma was drizzly and snowy (so much for journeying to warmer climes) we finally arrived to a clearer and slightly milder Tulsa later that evening. Though we were taking the more modern interstate, I hadn't realized how much of the old Route 66 territory we'd be traversing by proxy, and there were traces of it all the way through both states. While we were on a tight timeline and had to keep moving, I'd love to take a few hours to dally in all those remaining attractions--drive ins, diners, dive motels. To do a little exploring, buy some souvenirs, take some pics. I love the old and forgotten, the decayed and destroyed, the pure Americana of it. One day I am going to make a drive all the way out to California, dawdling in all those little distractions along the way. (preferably in a classic mustang and/or with an old airstream in tow, but they aren't requirements)

Otherwise, it is a bit more like spring here nevertheless, with trees in bloom and a bit more greenery. Today, we hit a couple of casinos and played penny and nickel slots for a few hours. I have the worst luck with slot machines and always wish I actually knew how to play more advanced things like blackjack and roulette with any sort of skill. The new Hard Rock casino is lovely inside, all newish and shiny with a giant hotel and towers above the flatter outskirts of town.

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