Tuesday, February 01, 2011


or Snowpocalypse, Snowtastrophe, or something like that. Since they closed the campus, I have been napping and huddling under the covers with the kitties while the wind howled outside all afternoon. My mother asked me if I had enough food since apparently we are supposed to get two feet and live in the 1950's, ie there may be rationing, chaos, lines for bread... I was planning on making pasta tonight anyway, but otherwise am down to a half loaf of bread, peanut butter, a weird chicken rice mix and numerous cans of mushroom soup (which have been in the cabinet since circa 2005). Hopefully, the store around the corner with the creepy clerk who stares at my breasts will be open tomorrow. Either that or I will find a pizza place brave/crazy enough to be delivering. I do have enough cat food for a couple more days, so they will not start trying to eat each other, or worse, my eyeballs while I'm sleeping.

That photo above is apparently the Foster exit of LSD back in 1967, which my bus traverses daily. If this is the end of the world I am hoping Dennis Quaid or Jake Gyllenhaal shows up to save me before a ship parks itself outside my building..

update: I just investigated the top shelf and there are apparently quite a few cans of soup (not just mushroom, but chicken noodle & tomato), some instant oatmeal, microwave popcorn, a few packs of hot cocoa, and some ramen. I don't remember buying any of this, but maybe I can avoid venturing out entirely for the next two days if they close campus again tomorrow.

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Radish King said...

Ramen is tops for Apocalyptic adventures. Stay safe. I'll be in Chicago on Sunday. What an intro!