Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've been focused alot on arranging the art in my apartment this week. I finally got my vintage seascape, and while it was a little too large for where I needed it in the bedroom, it fit nicely above the lower, fiction bookshelves in the living room. The rest is a mix of flower and/or bird prints, mirrors, poster art, a few scattered peices of my own, some prints by fave photographers, a couple thrifted embroidery pieces, and some odds and ends either collected or given to me by friends who are artists. I used to go for bigger pieces, but actually now I tend toward smaller groupings.

Otherwise, it's a quiet weekend. I have a poem I was trying to get to work on all week that needs fixing and Maggie Nelson's Bluets to finish reading (loving it so far.) I have to retake some slip pics that were done in bad lighting, and maybe a couple other little things for the shop. I'm still in hibernation mode most weekends and am looking forward to spring when I can get out a little more in the sunshine.

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