Monday, March 07, 2011

Get ready for next Monday, when I will hopefully be blogging from the road,(providing I have sufficient internet access and remember to bring along my camera.) The main part of the destination is my cousin's wedding in San Antonio, but there will be a couple of stops in Tulsa, OK and Gulfport, Mississippi to visit myriad other family members strung here and there. I've never been to Texas before, and am not sure whether I should be more afraid of big bugs or republicans, but San Antonio looks lovely, almost Venice-like with it's tree lined riverwalk. I'm also hoping for a New Orlean's daytrip when we are in Gulfport, since it should be recovering from Mardi Gras madness by then. My parent's were there in the fall and say the beach is heavenly and not even all that crowded since alot has not been rebuilt since Katrina. I am most looking forward to getting away from the cold and dreary of Chicago, and apparently even Tulsa is up in the 60's now (not exactly tropical, but considering the ice-slick sidewalks I was navigating yesterday, I will take what I can get.)

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