Thursday, February 24, 2011

9 recently read books that knocked my socks off

Sara asked over in her blog for poetry book recommendations, and since I don't write nearly enough about of poetry here (and way too much about the weather), I thought I would share them with the whole class. I think most fall somewhere publication-wise in the last 2-3 years...

Maggie Nelson, Bluets
Something Bright, then Holes*
The Latest Winter

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, Tulips, Water, Ash

Becca Klaver, LA Liminal**

Beth Bachman, Temper

Robin Ekiss, The Mansion of Happiness

K. Lorraine Graham, Terminal Humming

Catie Rosemurgy, The Stranger Manual

*this is older I think, but this winter has been a Maggie Nelson love-fest
**I read most of this one as her MFA thesis, so I'm a little biased.


Outsideofacat said...

thanks for the recommendations! i'll check them out! i'm fresh out of poetry to read.

becca said...

thank you Kristy dahling! I'll take yr bias anytime.