Friday, February 25, 2011

fashion friday: living artfully

I realized this morning that Utrecht has moved out of their Michigan Ave/Van Buren store, which of course happens right about the time I need to restock on some things. I usually order from Blick, but sometimes it was just easier to walk over there on my lunch break than go all the way up into the loop to Dick Blick if I needed something immediately, plus they had canvases dirt cheap sometimes.

Mostly this weekend will be devoted to maybe a new collage series, some new flasks, and maybe some envelope making. I'd like to get a good full weekend of sewing in, maybe some new pillows since I was eyeing my fabric piles (along with some awesome new embroidery pieces my mom recently procured). I was gazing at them rather wistfully this morning getting ready for work, but I'm running out of weekends. Only one more after this one until I leave on The Great Southern Roadtrip(tm) and then we will practically be into April by the time I get back.

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