Wednesday, January 05, 2011

shipwrecks of lake michigan

I am obsessed with finding the perfect vintage seascape for my bedroom wall this week, the perfect combination of grays and blues with maybe a ship in the background or being dashed against the rocks. I've always wanted to do more research into Lake Michigan shipwrecks, the Michigan Triangle, etc.. I've seen how lovely and brutal that water can be sometimes. Apparently there are a ridiculous number of boats at the bottom of it, and quite a few planes. One of my favorite city ghost tales is a pilot (WWII-era I think) who can occasionally be seen crossing Sheridan where it curves up along the cemetary at the far north border of the city. (I've only been around up there in the daylight, but eep! it's creepy enough just navigating those curves and not winding up in the lake.)

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Toni Clark said...

That's a cool pic (charcoal?). What/whose is it? I'm gravitating toward gray these days, too. It's all I really want to wear.