Tuesday, January 04, 2011


This is turning out to be the year of rushed mornings and grumpy bus rides. Or maybe the year of creepy phonecalls and cold hands. Possibly the year of blackbirds falling from the sky. I planned for it to be the year of sexy new boots and poetry, and there is some of that, but not nearly enough. Maybe the year of large sweet oranges and soft beds. I am blissfully unencumbered for the entire month of January in terms of weekends, so have some stretches of blissfull time to work on various projects. My mind is sort of scattershot lately but I feel like things are bubbling under the lid, so maybe there will be less worry in general. I'm still a little coughy, but breathing much easier than the weekend. I am also looking forward to what we will call THE GREAT SOUTHERN ROAD TRIP (tm) in March, as I have deemed it, which will have me gallivanting all over the southern states, including family visits in Oklahoma and Mississippi and a wedding in San Antonio somewhere in there. stay tuned...

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