Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dgp 2011/2012

We are excited to announce next season's lineup of books, all of which will be appearing starting in May and continuing through mid 2012.

if a thermometer / Bronwen Tate

want badly / Tricia Taaca

In the Madame’s Hatbox / Stephanie Berger

Edith and Aurelia: A Romantic Tragedy / Trisia Eddy

Orthexia / Kristin Sanders

Strategies for the Bromidic / Erin Mullikin

Going Without / Ellen Caswell

Floor Baby / Ally Harris

The Soap Trees / Mara Vahratian

Some Assembly Required / Susan Lewis

Guns & Butter/ Montana Ray

Excuse me while I wring this long swim out of my hair / Sarah Sloat

Disem(body): A tracing / Arianne Zwartjes

The Dictator's Guide to Good Housekeeping / Valerie Wallace

Are me / Anna Eyre

Poems for Business Travelers / AE Loveridge

Dendochronology / Jane Wong

Roof Picnic Skies, New York / Jill Leininger

Blue Trajectory / Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom

Fascicle / Rebecca Dunham

Trollops in Love / Gina Abelkop

Midheaven Leo / Laura Carter

Wonder Girl in Monster Land / Brenda Sieczkowski

Given / Emileigh Barnes

The Story of my Eyes / Cindy Savett

You are not a bird / Emily Jern-Miller

Slap Leather / Jessica Jewell

The Circus of Forgetting / Barbara Duffey

25 little red poems / Angela Veronica Wong

Conveyance / Ruth Williams

The Outside of Sleep / Florencia Varela

Come, Clearing / Jackie White

Did I Mention There’s Gambling and Body Parts? / Mary Christine Delea

The Framework of Man: Found Poems / Mary Ann Abbot

What to Make of a Diminished Thing / Marjorie Manwaring

The five parts of love: confabulating Sappho / Annette C Boehm

Favored daughter / Megan Kaminski

TBA / Carolyn Guinzio

Tinder / / Heart / Lisa M. Cole

Sex With Buildings: Prose Poems / Stephanie Barbe Hammer

Whispery her eye the flight / Caroline Brooke Morrell

The Quiet Winter / Carrie Bennett

Dear Sensitive Beard / Caroline Cabrera

Let Her / Laura Goldstein

Thimbles / Sarah Colona

You Aren’t in this Movie / Letitia Trent

Circumstances of House & Moon / Caroline Klocksiem

Accidents of Distance / Kirsten Jorgenson

Invisible Girls / Erika Lutzner

Crooked / Heather Angier

Little Eva, the Insomniac from Mars / Kate Schapira

Ophelia Unraveling / Carol Berg

Urban Animal Expeditions / Katy Ellis

Wreck Idyll / Trina Burke

Live Girls / Juliet Kerico

Floor Baby / Ally Harris

plus a couple more titles, TBA.

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