Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Settled in at my parent's house tonight and I was startled by how bare and bleak the landscape is here, something which I never really notice in the city, where even some of the trees are still clinging to their foliage in my neighborhood. Out here, it's grey field after grey field, broken only by occasional bare branches and puddles of brackish water. It's definitely chillier here as well, since yesterday's tornado conditions gave way to bitter cold and dry weather. I am settling in for a few days of turkey coma before I head back and into the breach and have been prepping for the big sale, packing orders, and getting photos of everything I want to add to the shop before Thursday. I only brought one project home with me, the photography/poetry book saved on my laptop, which I intend to put the final touches on and get done in the next couple of weeks. Otherwise, there will be lots of turkey and pie, lots of family, and maybe a little Black Friday thriftstore venturing.

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