Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wicked alice, topside

After a few setbacks and a domain switcheroo on the part of Sundress, never fear: the wicked alice fall 2010 issue will be surfacing a little early on July 30th to coincide with Printers Ball extravaganza, whose theme this year is "Print Loves Digtital" and which will include a promo broadside that will be available at the event. Poor little alice gets a little trampled in the chapbook stampede every once in a while, but she always lands back on her feet. I closed submissions earlier this year and put the spring issue on haitus entirely to slowly work my way through the backlog, but I realized I still have some work from late last year in my clutches, so those responses will be on their way. We will be signifigantly thinning our submission period--only taking subs certain months of the year (November and April) for the Spring and Fall has really just gotten out of hand how much work we get, so hopefully this will shore up the floodwalls a little and give me a chance to regroup. And of course, the dgp inbox is overflowing this time of year on about par with last year, but I think I can handle it (ask me again in two months when I am tearing out my hair and you might get a different answer.).

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