Friday, July 09, 2010

fashion friday: granny chic

I always feel like so many things that I find myself drawn to in terms of shop offerings are inspired in so many ways by my grandmothers (including my paternal great-grandmother Chloe). From her, I learned to love cat eye glasses, floral dresses, velvet souvenir pillows and hardwood floors. From my dad's mom, Eileen, it was her huge collection of old salt & pepper shakers (these were split among family memmbers, but the ones I had were mostly broken along the way). My mom's mother, Carol, also wore cat eye dresses and had a great collection of costume jewelry I was allowed to organize and play with for hours. Also, a closet full of sherbet colored peignors and robes that me and my sister played dress up in. She was the most ungrandmotherly-like, having gotten married at 15 and, after being widowed in her 40's, had installed a bar room in her house, a pool table, and liked to spend her days in taverns with grand children in tow. The latter two both died before I was ten, and Chloe outlived them by a couple years, but it was still long enough to make a mark on my tastes in things.

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