Thursday, June 17, 2010


I sometimes want to live in a big old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere, two miles back from the closest road with a big wide porch that wraps all around with no people for acres. I'd have a passel of cats and other animals-goats, rabbits, and gardens full of wildflowers and herbs, all of which would miraculously tend themselves (I never promised this was a realistic fantasy)and leave me with time to read and write and create in the silence. Sometimes, it would rain, and I would be able to sit under the overhang of said porch and watch the lightning from a safe distance until it was dark. It would, of course, always be summer**, and the house would have a huge kitchen filled with food I would suddenly know how to cook, wood floors that were miraculously clean, floor to ceiling bookshelves overflowing with good books, and worn old velvet couches for lounging, napping, and having raucous sex while it thundered outside. Of course said partner(s) would go away the rest of time leave me to my writing and reading. Add in french doors and a clawfoot tub and I might not even need the sex.

I would also have many devoted friends and family, who, not put off by my constant telling them to go away, would show up promptly for dinner parties we'd have alfresco with delicious food, flowing alcohol, and stay up all night under a million stars you could actually see. There would be music, and laughing, and lanterns made from old ball jars and tea lights. Then, of course, they would leave and I could get back to work. Some afternoons I would spend on a blanket in the middle of a big old field eating fresh strawberries and day dreaming without getting bit by pesky insects, which just wouldn't exist outside the pretty ones like butterflies, honey bees, lightning bugs, and the occasional grasshopper.

**{what's funny is that I could never live in the country in the winter, which is why I am where I am....too much cabin-fever, bare trees, icy roads, barreness, and it get's way too dark way too early. I would go absolutely insane..I've always said my ideal life would involve country summers and city winters (or living beachfront somewhere where there isn't winter. Ever.) }.