Thursday, May 28, 2009


* We will be releasing 4-5 new chaps in the next week or so, and they are filled with amazing poetry and have the most gorgeous covers, you will love them. I'm hoping to have at least some of them done in time for next weekends Printer Row (formerly Book Fair, now Lit Fest). We'll be in a tent devoted to Chicago publishers (including Switchback Books Orange Alert Press, and a host of others) sponsored by the Department of Cultural Affairs. We sold quite a few books last year up until mother nature went all apeshit on Sunday, so it should be fun again this year.

*I am still forever fidgeting with the kissing disease manuscript. There are poems that might or might not be part of it. Another group of pieces that I am just in the midst of now that potentially could be part of it, but maybe might be their own little thing. I spent a good part of the three day weekend staring at it, trying to figure it out, putting things in, taking them out. I've once again bult up a backlog of work to submit, so there is that task too. Sometimes, it feels a little overwheming.

*I have finally once again found the closet floor beneath the laundry and various detritus and found a number of peices of clothing I'd forgotten I had, including a black dress I'd loved and bought at the end of the summer two years, thinking I couldn't wear it til Spring. It had, however, sometime in the intervening year, fell off the hanger and languished beneath a box of clothes I'd been planning to either sell on ebay or give to goodwill along with yet another pair of sparkly flip flops, a scarf someone made for me, and the cutest little silk purse (I swear it was like Christmas)...Next task is the linen cabinet in the hallway, which I hope to clear out enough to hold all the soap supplies I have been amassing on the dining room table the past couple of months.

*I am back to working the 11-7 shift in the library for most of the rest of the summer, which means I finally have some evenings free and should be able to get to some readings, that is if I can climb out from under the deluge of chapbooks I need to get done at the studio. I'll be featuring at the Cafe next Tuesday, so will get to read some of my newer stuff there. I'm also trying to figure out when to schedule the next dgp extravaganza at Quimby's. There might actually be two, since we have alot of books by local folks coming out this year (Susan Slaviero, Kristen Orser, Stephanie Anderson, Jen Blair, Rachel Webster, Sara Tracey, plus some others within driving distance who might be persuaded) and I want to give them a lengthy chunk of time to read... Stay tuned...

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Brandi said...

Apeshit is one of my all-time favorite words. I mean ever! ;)