Sunday, January 18, 2009

trying to think spring

I am being ridiculously lazy today, drinking tea and reading blogs, and am thrilled to have a blissful three day weekend, something that doesn't come round nearly often enough. In the past week, I have managed to pretty much catch up on the chapbook front (Cabinet, Match Array, and Sad Epistles are all set to go), laid out one of the January books (Apocrypha), started the other (Squint) and plan to finish both up this week and send them to the poets for proofing. I also put up a new set of shelves in the studio, and put together my amazing new paper organizers that will allow me to sort the cardstock by color and texture and will prevent messy piles that were previously in the cabinet. I'll be able to keep a better eye on what needs to be reordered and such.

Otherwise, I am doing the usual puttering around at home, making jewelry, taking pics, and listing stuff. I finally got around to painting the birdcage on my mantle after about a year (I found it at the Salvation army in Rockford months ago but kept forgetting to buy spray paint..).I also moved the dancing girl poster into the living room (why exactly is a crazy story involving reflective surfaces and doorways, and me watching way too many horror movies..)

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