Monday, January 19, 2009

poetry and economics..

Some very interesting discussions here from Reb Livingston and Anne Boyer, on something admittedly I haven't thought much about. While I, as a poet, don't have a lot invested in the sort of larger well-funded presses, journals, institutions, etc..that would be most likely hit by decreasing funding, I do realize that indie outfits, like dgp, very much depend on selling books in order to publish more books, as do so many other micropresses. Whether or not readers will dry up remains to be seen. I haven't noticed less chapbook sales, if anything the opposite, but the etsy shop had a drop off in the fall (October-November) that coincided with the rest of retail sales nationwide. Christmas was awesome, but I'm a little worried what the coming year will bring..If there is a serious drop, the press may have to accept less books in coming years, but as for wicked alice, I'd likely go without food (shoes, breathing) before I'd give up my internet connection..

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There seems to be some connection between poetry and economics
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