Monday, September 15, 2008

monday obsession: vintage suitcases

I try to have a bunch of these in the studio to store all the chaos in. My favorite is actually this one I bought a few months ago, but here are few of the more lovely etsy offerings I was perusing this morning..

from SamariaProject, $80

from ReadySetGo, $39.95

from atouchofvintage, $44


Talia Reed said...

I can't believe the price tag on those things! It seems the supply is high (every other summer yard sale, especially the ones with "old people" stuff) and the demand is quite low these days. Suitcases have totally morphed into the rolling things...only vintage crazed folks like yourself have found need of them...I really can't see that $80 price tag. But then again, I'm in Indiana.

kristy bowen said...

It does seem a little steep at $80...maybe because she paints them and relines them she charges more?
I've gotten most of mine off ebay for reasonably cheap, but shipping is a killer. I see alot at goodwill, but usually not so good condition. I used to use them to cart stuff to craft shows, but lately I take them for display purposes only and actually put them inside a big rolly one to move them around...

K.A. Bell said...

I love that brown one. I might just buy it.