Saturday, December 15, 2007

I had seriously given up on getting up the tree this year and any sort of Christmas decorations..chalk it up to being too late in the month, never being home, too busy, not planning to be here over the holiday anyway, the hassle of putting it all away in January. But then I found this little guy (below) and just HAD to put it up. So last night found me battling tangled lights while watching Planet Terror--not exactly holiday fare, but really cool nonetheless (everyone was on my case to go see Grindhouse when it was in the theaters, but it just never happened.) Then I wrapped some gifts and ate peppermint ice cream. Close enough to holiday traditions, no?

After defcon5 at the library in regard to returns, I'm a little achy from all that hefting and checking in of books. Thursday, they were everywhere, sticking out of drops, stacked on the counters, piled on the floor. Yesterday, much the same. This week, since we're technically on break, I get the joy of 9-5 commuting, but at least can hide out in the studio after work and wait a couple hours for it to dissipate. I have lots of stuff to pack and ship in regard to dgp orders and Recovering the Body to wrap up (I just need to scan the cover & check over the galleys one more time, and I will get it up on the website and print it this week.

It's grey and snowy today, but for once I get to stay in. I need to do laundry and work on a couple gifts, but otherwise I plan to just chill. Tonmorrow, I'll be doing a workshop on Approaching Small Presses, so I suppose I should start preparing..

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