Tuesday, November 06, 2007

newsie things

*The studio is, of course, awesome, and all the IKEA furniture procured not only fits, but amazingly came with all of its pieces and was, as promised, reasonably easy to assemble. I'll get some photos up soon. Still looking a little bare, but I will be transitioning more stuff from home in the next couple of weeks, plus hanging some art. Right now the printers are not as yet in working order, since I have to load the software into the new laptop. I need to print more Orange Girls and finish the print annual covers as soon as they are. Plus the shipping supplies are in disarray, so things will be a bit behind on orders this week, but everything should go out beginning of next week. I am also happily reacquainting myself with the dining room and may finally be able to have people over to dinner without the scanner and paper trimmer, which make horrible centerpieces..

*I was apparently a finalist in the Cranky chapbook contest, which is cool. It was a small segment of pieces from girl show, which I probably won't worry about finding a home for now, since the whole mss. will eventually be published in a couple years, but I'm happy to be a bridesmaid still…

*I was guest blogging briefly at Rose and Thorn last week and was too crazy busy to point you in that direction, but here it is a little after the fact.

and one sucky thing:

I just got back the samples that I submitted for the staff arts award here at CC, which I did not win, which was not surprising or particularly saddening since prizes have tended to go to the sexier arts. I was a bit disgruntled to find the books I sent had been rendered anonymous by unremovable stickers. This would not quite be so disconcerting if they had told us to submit anonymous materials (last years competition was not judged as such) or if they'd not promised to return them, in which case I would have just submitted manuscripts or photocopies. As such, they ruined about $50 worth of books irrevocably. So not cool…

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