Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The last couple of days I've been drowning amidst budgets, tax info, my wee business plan and all that unfun stuff you need to do to get to the fun stuff. Plus, I managed to get the website up and running, which in writing the content for it, helped me iron some things out. Next week, I'm starting to plan workshops and schedules and the like. I'll no doubt be seeking out all you Chi-town poetry ladies to come teach a workshop or read or both. We're going to start out slow, but by next fall, I'd like to have something going on in the studio every day of the week. And of course, I'll be in-house at least a couple hours a day doing press business even on the days I'm not teaching. I've also been perusing the Ikea website and found the perfect table set-up.

Yesterday was actually spent more on dgp submissions. When I counted we had over 300 submissions (luckily I kept up on reading them as they came in), about 25 of which were in final contention, and of which I wound up choosing 11 (in addition to the five I'd already had lined up). So next year will be packed full of great poets (see the list here in the side colum). We also did some shuffling and will be doubling up in November of this year because of some scheduling issues. So I'm actually hoping to have those almost ready to go before the chaos of moving into the studio starts in November. Of course all this means October will be crazy as well. Despite all this, I'm surprisingly not all wired out just yet, though I end up not sleeping with all the racing in my head (it doesn't help I had an idea for a little project for my own work that I'm now so excited about I could scream). I've chosen to focus my excess energy on making things for etsy and attempting to make all my Christmas presents. I tend to have mixed results on these, so we'll see.


Christine said...

Wow -- the atelier website looks fantastic!

B-Ho said...

Ahh, welcome to the world of no sleep! I'd like to say it gets better, but alas ;)