Sunday, September 30, 2007

I’m still convinced there needs to be more hours in the day. Of course today I slept til after 2, having stayed up til 3 am making yummy bath products. My hands and apartment smell like apples and orange buttercreme. So I’m seriously craving cupcakes and apple cider right about now (though not together..). I’ve been extra crafty lately, for a combination of reasons, one of which I’m finding I need a creative outlet that is not poetry-related in anyway, and therefore not laden with its inherent stresses. Visual art works somewhat, but I’m even occasionally self-conscious about that—is this important? What am I saying with this piece?

No one can be critical about bath oil. It either smells good and makes your skin soft or it doesn’t. No hairsplitting. I’m also hoping my craftiness will bring in some extra funds, which is nice. I’m also psyched about etsy’s vintage category. I have this perverse love of things like costume jewelry—it reminds me of my grandmother’s giant collection that my aunt and mother, in their grief after she died, sadly tossed in a bonfire with alot her clothes and personal belongings—thinking if their mother couldn’t wear it, no one should. Now with jewelry, I don’t wear on a daily basis (I’m lucky to leave the house fully clothed, let alone bejeweled.) Therefore, to avoid junkiness and clutter which is near anathema in these parts, I don’t buy it, even when I see pretty, dead cheap things I’d love. Solution? them then sell them on etsy. Therefore I get the charge from collecting objects, but they don’t live here permanently. So look for lots of brooches and such in the coming months, as I’ll be combing ebay and thrift stores by the dozen. Also my new sewing machine, bought because I was trying to fix something on a skirt I didn’t like—now I feel like I need to use the damn thing for something productive.. As you can see here, I've redone the shop to accomodate all this craftiness. It's still dgp's home on etsy, but also home for lots of other goodies.

Speaking of shopping, today I found THIS on etsy, something I’ve been looking for for collages.

Yesterday, I was stuck in the library most of the day at the circ desk, but I got a lot of stuff done for Atelier, including my lovely teaching questionnaire, which I sent to everyone local I know to have an interest in teaching in general in my address book. Anyone else out there, contact me and I’ll send it to you if I missed you. I’m trying to get a feel for everyone’s interests, strengths, and availability in the coming year.


Danielle said...

a humble plea:

dear ms. blogger. i have to graciously ask that you stop referencing cool etsy finds in your posts. as a result of such irresponsible behavior, your readers (or, at least THIS reader) are quickly emptying their pocketbooks.

i hope you understand.

kristy bowen said...

Oh, yes, many have fallen pray. That's why they call it etsy crack...I don't even dare go to the site anymore unless I'm adding something. Soon we'll all be in the streets trading our soy candles and silkscreened totebags for food. In fact, I may have to soon sell more stuff to finance my habit, thus perpetuating the viscious's sad, really...