Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wisconsin was pretty much rain, rain, and more rain. I thus spent most of my time lounging around the hotel room and the indoor pool rather listlessly, watching bad tv (endless eipsodes of What Not to Wear )and reading. Then there were a couple days in Rockford with much the same weather, an early Labor Day cookout yesterday, and finally, I'm back and settled in at home. Of course, from the looks of the numerous downed trees along LSD, the city took quite a beating a couple of days ago. Out near my parent's house and all the way in, lots of swollen rivers and flooding. Plus, everything has that overripe feeling that it always does in August, all weedy, buggy, and grown over. I'm ready for fall.

No doubt this week at work things will start picking up--an increase of traffic and people getting ready for classes starting next Tuesday. I'm tremendouly relieved to not be joining them for the first time in a few years, though the past few nights I've still been having those recurring dreams where you know you're registered for classes you haven't been attending at all, and even worse, don't remember where or when they take place. These always leave me feeling sort of panicky and out of control.


Talia Reed said...

Welcome back. I'm a cheesehead and love Wisconsin and am sorry for the rain, although I didn't cause it and I actually live in Indiana.

Juliet Blood Pudding said...

Welcome home.

I'm tired of mosquito bites.