Monday, August 27, 2007


I have been poring through the latest dgp submissions since I got back and it's tough. So much good stuff. So many hard decisions. I have about 4-5 slots left and about 15 manuscripts at the top of my list, any of which I would love to publish. Probably another 20 that, completely engaging, competent and publishable, that I would take in a heartbeat if given unlimited resources. Add in another 70 or so that didn't make the first cut here, and it's chaos.

Today, I'm amazed by the bulk of work flowing my way from people who's writing I've never encountered before. I usually don't solicit much in the form of manuscripts, except maybe locally, but I've had the luck this year of three poets I don't even know who I WOULD solicit out of the blue sending stuff.
We don't tend to get a lot of junk, which is good since I don't have to wade through it to find the good stuff, but bad because it's easy to say no to something awful than to waver endlessly over manuscripts I can't fit in, yet want to publish nevertheless.

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