Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I just realized, reading the syllabus for Chaucer that we have a final exam? I haven't had one of those since undergrad days, since *counting on my fingers* TEN YEARS AGO!! I've been out of college TEN YEARS! How the hell did I get so freakin old...

Of course, maybe it doesn't seem like that long ago since I've never really been OUT of school, even those few years in between when I worked for schools, which is still like being in school in some odd vicarious way (I rather enjoyed my elementary library stint--all those bulletin boards and storytimes--LOVED it.) Then working here where all I deal with is students and faculty, even before I enrolled again. I guess being on campus in general makes it feel like college. Two years at Depaul for the MA, four working libraries, and now four more years in the MFA program, yep I guess that equals ten years. Damn.

(*Actually now that I think about it, I did have the mother of all finals--my MA comp exam back in 99'--six hours, ten books, stuffy, stinky English Dept. basement computer lab. How could I have forgotten that.)

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