Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm getting suffocated by that nasty to do list this week--papers to write, ends that need to be tied, sestinas to pen. I'm drowning. Last night, a 2am marathon folding and stapling the Terrible Babies. Something I could do without too much mental energy. I'm feeling rather fried, frazzled, and frayed. I've managed to get through the leviathon that is the wicked alice inbox, so if I haven't sent you a rejection, you're still in the running. Hope to read through a second round, then make decisions early next week. Also, I'll be getting in touch with poets who made the print annual this year--another bout of terribly unhappy decision-making.

In other news, I've decided on doing the ALL CHICAGO issue for summer (submit! submit!).And then in September, in honor of our 5th birthday (which is like 20 in zine years), I want to do a special "Alice in Wonderland" themed issue. Maybe an indulgence, but fun nevertheless. I want poems, stories, artwork, essays, whatever. I'm going hunting for already-prublished stuff to solicit too, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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