Saturday, October 15, 2005

Well it looks like little sis may have secured herself some reputable employment, ergo, I might be able to relenquish the remaining months of my lease where I reside now to her in favor of a nice, quiet courtyard building where I will no longer be woken in the middle of the night by breaking beer bottles and drunk girl yelling. I briefly thought things were better last weekend when I could close my windows, but they were all apparently on October break and last night, yet again, the annoyingness. I think the problem lies in the density of immaturity going on. Every since they started adding bedrooms, you have one more person per unit. When I was living in Lincoln Park close to DePaul, in a building full of studios, it was oddly quiet, even with thinner walls. Not like you could have a rowdy crowd in something like 320 square feet. But with a large apartment, 2 or 3 students that live there, plus their friends on the weekend, it's unbearable. I'm done with it.

It's blissfully mild here in terms of temperature, mid-seventies, clear. I'm just waiting for that early October darkness descending after the time change. Today, another Saturday in the library. I'm going to do some further research for the Archer Avenue thing, whose prologue I have finally whipped into shape. Plus formulating some questions for my interview/oral history project. If I AM in act moving at the end of the month, there's a whole lot of stuff for classes I need to get wrapped up before the chaos.

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