Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Recieved the coolest little packet of books and such from Persephassa Press today, and they made me wish my bookmaking skills were more advanced, and that I HAD chosen to study book and paper arts instead of poetry at the MFA level. I think I'd be a much happier camper. These look awesome--a very nice photo accordian book and a dos-a-dos bound collection of poetry, which looks to be good from my short perusal on the ride to work. Also some notebook/journal pages in an envelope.

On the dgp front, I tweaked the website, which now sport basic black until I find something else I like. Also, began working on laying out the next chap, Marissa Spalding's What it Meant, the very snazzy cover design of which I just procured from its designer. That one should be out near the end of November, and then it's on to next year's lineup, which I'm still making some decisions on for the the final two books of the year, but which already includes Rebecca Cook's The Terrible Baby, Christine Hamm's The Animal Husband, and Kristina Marie Darling's The Traffic in Women.

I did finish my book review this afternoon on Susan Wheeler's Source Codes --begrudgingly--but I did finish. Also readied the inventory poem for workshopping in the Chicago Poems class (an ordeal I find annoying in a craft course where we could simply show and tell and still get the same out of it, ie. how people chose to interpret the exersize,etc. and not necessarily fine tooth combing it, and thus taking less time in a rather largish class.)

Good ole Mary and the Archer Avenue project is humming along now rather nicely. I'll post more soon.

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