Friday, September 30, 2005

I've been giving further thought to my apartment plight. Nothing I've found seems to be right. They all have ugly cabinets, not enough closets, sliding closet or shower doors (something I just have a huge aversion to), dining rooms that are too small to fit my giant table in (or none at all.) Granted I'm only looking at what has photos online at this point in the game, but with the exception of the practically-on-the beach/frenchdoor/sunroom/gorgeous moldings/ohmygod $1150 a month option ($300 more than I'm paying now)--it's a bust.

And then I started thinking about how much I really like my place overall...despite my neighbors...Why should I let a bunch of freakin adolescents force me to move? More than likely, these particular noisy ones will move out anyway. Fresh from Mommy & Daddy's shiny tract house in the burbs, they'll inevitably have issues with the noisy radiators and the cracking paint (all of which I resigned myself to long ago), the lack of parking, and the intermittent elevator issues. It sounds like a dump I know, but it's quite lovely regardless, a big towering art deco, gorgeous parquet, big rooms, huge windows. The bedrooms in those other places also look unreasonably tiny, like you'd get out of bed and run into the wall. I love the way my furniture looks in the place, the art on the walls. Even my pink bathroom tiles. And the location, 1 block from the express bus, and 1 1/2 clocks from the train, can't be beat. And then there's always the lake, a mere block over. I don't think I could move inland--it's my trade for not getting to live by an ocean.

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