Thursday, September 29, 2005

At work, I feel like I'm currently in the midst of a one of those hamster wheel weeks where I'm working my ass off but getting nowhere at all. I fill 20 requests for materials, and 40 more appear. 60 more surface somehow overnight. I spend a ridiculously large amount of time waiting for the elevator, running between my desk on the first floor and the fourth floor office. It's insane. And I'm splitting half the responsibilties with a student worker, so it could be worse. Usually, I fill in on the coordinator's vacations, which typically happen in lull of summer. The mid-semester thing, when everything's in full swing, is exhausting. Plus, I need to accomplish what one person does in seven hours in only three hours before I spend the night on the circ desk. And tomorrow's Friday and I have to do it all over again. (on about six hours sleep most likely).

Writing wise not much happening. But then all that seems like a hamster wheel sometimes too, submissions sent out and returned. Sent out and returned. I'm going near nuts waiting on so many things anyway. Yesterday, in a general funk all day in both classes. People did not get my art deco poem... some thought it was a building speaking, some a woman, no one had the imagination to concieve of it as both. I like it any way. Did have a really damn good sandwich at Corner Bakery while it poored buckets outside. Managed to write another section of the Archer Avenue project. The one highlight of the day. I'll take what I can get.

Saw the first mums today in the planters lining Michigan Avenue...actually they were purple. And it's cold out, the trees taking on that terrible yellow tinge under the green. I finally had to trade in my sandals for shoes this morning. I saw people wearing coats and thought they were a bit overdramatic...jacket and sweater weather yes...but a coat is pushing it. Earlier, I was giving some thought to my halloween costume and am considering little red riding hood or possibly lizzie borden. .

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rebecca said...

oh lizzie borden....yes. absolutely abfab!