Sunday, May 15, 2005

Terribly uneventful weekend. Spent Friday night fondling the books enviously at Borders, but eventally had to leave due to the annoying showtunes blasting the store. Did manage to pick up Maggie Nelson's Jane, a hybrid poetry/memoir, and The Ghost Writer, a quasi-literary/quasi-trashy mystery. I can't remember the author, but it probably doesn't matter. Yesterday, an incredibly long day at work, but mitigated by finishing the layout for the next dgp chap. And hell, Taylor Graham is a fine poet, the more I look at them, the more I love these. And alot of the pieces have appeared in wicked alice at some point, eight of them in fact. Check our archives for a sampling. Plus, I got permission to use the cover photo from Alaina Burri-Stone, so it's going to look stunning.

Sadly, as for my own work, it was a three rejection type of day. One from an online place, Gutcult where the editor said he liked them, but didn't want them nevertheless, and a form rejection from Meridian. The one from Agni was encouraging and included a note and an invitation to submit again before the end of May. Whenever I obsess over submissions I feel like a teenage girl... What does this mean? This little "sorry" handwritten at the bottom of the page? Do they really like me? Do they? I'm hoping the triple no bodes well for a flurry of yes coming soon. Maybe something big.

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M.A.S. said...

Hey I love your site. Great work too. Just like to let you know, from a fellow Illinois'er