Friday, April 01, 2005

Found this online today..very interesting...

Sadly, the highest I've ever managed is a 4 for ACM, which seemed much harder to get into than that. And they didn't even mention Slipstream, which I'd consider at least a 3. I used to try submitting to Atlantic, the New Yorker, and Poetry back about seven years and had terrible luck. I stopped trying to get something into the New Yorker around the time I realized the poems were usually the same type of poem by the same tired authors, and the magazine was really geared toward the lexus driving crowd anyway. I stopped submitting to the Atlantic Monthly when the editor (I forget his name now, but I think he's dead) published more of HIS poems than anyone else's. Poetry always seems a little bland and vanilla lately, despite its great history.

But I would likely give my right arm for APR or the Paris Review...I've haven't tried either, but then I haven't written anything I'd consider genius enough yet to even attempt it...At the moment, there are subs out to Kenyon Review, TriQuarterly, Agni, Crab Orchard, Fence, and 3rd bed. So we'll see...Two days ago, recieved a rejection form Smartish Pace (3), so it doesn't look too good.

Of course, part of me always thinks I shouild just continue sending work to all my favorite little zines and tell the literary establishment to go to hell. But, that nasty little ambitious side of me wants the brightest and the best...(or at least what seems to be so)

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