Friday, April 01, 2005

After awaking in the middle of the night to a somewhat noisy crash, I walked out in my living room to find that the entire top shelf of books in one of my cases was scattered about the floor. Mind you, these are rather cheap self-assembled constructions purchased five years ago, and never did quite go together correctly. The shelves are sort of bowed from being crammed with too many volumes, and those little plastic pegs that support each shelf look awfully fragile. I determined that on of the front ones had broken in this case, and all of the books must have been too close to the front, thus tipping the shelf in that direction. I managed to secure the shelf between the three remaining pegs, push all the books to the back of the shelf, and pray that it doesn’t fall again and kill either me or one of the cats. I’ve always worried about tragic bookshelf accidents at work, but never at home.

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