Sunday, June 18, 2023

notes & things | 6/18/2023

I noted with a little bit of horror that we have somehow crested the middle of June. Part of it is that summer, real summer, seems slow in coming, since my windows have more often been completely closed against rather cool and ungainly weather for the season (at least the meteorological designation of its beginning.) There've been a couple days where they were all open, but then a couple days where I had to run the space heater for a moment. Still, I open the windows. I close them. I put on a sweater to run packages to the mailbox. I got a new quilt at the beginning of the month that is less bulky than my duvet, but seriously thought of pulling the other out of the trunk a couple nights recently..  It's not rainy or wet really, just breezy.  

I wrapped up the governess series last week and have embarked on a new little something that's still murky in its nature, though I am liking what I have so far. They are wild little poems about cats and cryptids and heartbreak. My main writing goal for the rest of June is to get COLLAPSOLOGIES at least to the point where I have a physical galley in hand, which will vary in timeline depending on the printing and shipping, which can be as long as a few days to over a couple weeks. Once I have that, I can make the final adjustments, one final sweep for needed edits, and maybe have a book in hand by mid-July if all goes well. I loaded in the cover (see the post below) and she's looking fabulous so I cannot wait to see the finished product. 

Since we are technically halfway through the year, I've been plotting what I would like to see happen before the end of 2023. The new book, obviously, but also some image/text zine projects I've been planning (the governess-inspired series, the home improvements stuff, technogrotesque), a video chap similar to what I did last year (with villains), an advent project with art for December. I feel like once we hit the 4th of July, summer slides down the hill at a much faster pace into autumn. So I want to be ready and not flailing about quite so much come September.

Other things happening the rest of this month--my tattoo appointment on the 26th, which I am super excited for and counting down the days. This week, some deadlines--articles about painting flowers and brown sugar substitutes and the usual decor stuff. Today I am packing orders and winding down the last couple dgp projects that are tardy and getting ready to embark on the 2023 books slated for July and August. Also, maybe dipping my toes into submissions which are already stacking up for next year. (and for which I will thank myself for not leaving everything til September to look at.) 

I am trying to mostly avoid social media scrolling to not be thinking about Father's Day, though of course, am pre-occupied with the endeavor of NOT thinking about it. Otherwise, there are strange little artwork configurations in my bathroom and endless afternoon iced lattes from my new tiny stovetop espresso maker.  Later, the rest of the new season of Black Mirror and perhaps the better part of a container of potato salad for lunch to occupy my hands and heart.

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