Monday, March 27, 2023

home improvements

I think I may have reached the end of my recent series of poems. Which is to say, today's offering felt like a final one. A closure. This means it has topped out at 21 poems, not unhealthy for a chapbook-sized series. Longer than some, but shorter than others. It makes a nice length as well the longer manuscript in progress, which still allows room for more growth on that without getting too long and cumbersome (I like to keep collections in the 100-page range, with these it's currently sitting just over 80.) 

I have solid drafts of the poems, and some titles for pieces, but am still working on some others I will cement as I edit them into something less messy. While the titles of these in many ways inspired and drove the project, playing off some of the paid decor content I've been writing this past year, I am rather rusty on titling individual pieces, usually opting to title the series and let the pieces go untitled. Titles are rough, especially if they don't cement when you first put the words down on the page.

I'd intended to go a few more days of daily poems and then dip into a new project come April 1st for NAPOWRIMO (possibly the technogrotesque series), but this buys me a few days of a break from daily writing and a chance to firm some of these up and maybe, if all goes well, send some before spring is over. It also gives me a chance, in my collage experiments to mess around with possible visuals (see above, though this one may be way too inspired by watching the entirety of available Yellowjackets episodes and feral teenage girls doing weird-ass pagan rites in the woods..). But we'll see what else they yield...

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