Sunday, December 11, 2022

automagic | coming december 31st....

From the eerie world of 1890's Chicago to strange apocalyptic landscapes, AUTOMAGIC builds an intricate Victorian dollhouse full of fraudulent fortune tellers, overconfident hucksters, unhappy housewives, and ghosts of a violent past that still lingers. Available December 31st.


This week I was able to finish up the corrections and submit the final polished file to the printers.  I had thought that the usual holiday delays would apply, but actually got word yesterday that my first shipment is already on its way and so will be in my hot little hands by the end of the week. I thought I might not actually have copies in time for release, but it seems I will have books before the title is even available in the shop, which gives me a chance for a couple more weeks of promo if I can get back to focusing on creative work again. Today, i played a little on a holiday project on Canva I'll be unveiling this week, so there is hope.  I've been tending to tricky track press things like e-mails and file finalizations, but haven't yet tried to get back to design since I feel a little like the well is still sort of empty. I did spend some time today plotting out projects and what I'd like to finish in the new years in terms of poetry manuscripts once things are churning, which is a good sign since a couple weeks ago, I wanted to quit poetry altogether, so progress..