Thursday, September 29, 2022

notes & things | 9/30/2022

Somehow, I blinked and almost a whole week had passed since my last entry--for which there are any number of reasons--I was out of town over the weekend, I've been going full-on in writing projects to squeeze a few more this last week of pay periods in various places and finish up some longer stuff. I've been proofing chaps and reading manuscripts and thinking about October happenings. I have also been proofing the final version of automagic and getting it ready for my first galley in a week or so. I feel when I get back from being gone, there are a couple days of finding my rhythm again. 

But yes, here we are on the cusp of October.  I not only made chicken soup I'd intended for the weekend, but have had the space heater on since yesterday, but mostly gazing longingly at the shut windows and wishing I could open them again. I am feathering my nest with things for the colder months--some twinkle lights to brighten my supply shelves now that I will be spending so much time working in darkness. A stained glass suncatcher for the bathroom's frosted window (and which I will miss peeking out of and into the courtyard while I'm waiting to rinse my hair when all summer when just a little for me to see out, but no one to see in.) More faux votive candles for all these holders I want bright and glowing all day long.  I even switched out my air fresheners to apple cinnamon scented, but then kinda hated it and switched it back to raspberry. Amazon finally has the right coffee creamer back in stock though, so all is good.  

It seems so dark so early even now, so I am not looking forward that steep slope into darkness before 5pm.  At 5, I am merely in the midpoint of my day. so it just means I spend a lot of time in the dark from October through March. While I am mostly nocturnal anyway, I still appreciate those long summer evenings that seem to stretch every day just a little like a cat getting ready to lie down for the night. 

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