Thursday, July 14, 2022

witchy kitchens and writing

I am aware the week is not quite over, but I did just work my last "shift" of the week for House Digest (we commit to a certain number of hours per week rather than piece by piece for this one.) I wound up selecting late afternoon into the evening three days a week, mostly since I am in the middle, and therefore the most productive part of my day. (also I like to reserve the earlier afternoon for writing lesson works since I like having a somewhat fresh head for the more academic, longer assignments). So far, I've written about swimming pools, Victorian kitchens, and how to keep your flowers from wilting so fast and it seems like a nice way to end my day thinking about home design things. .  While the kitchen one was a photo-centric piece with less text, it was long and I needed to source a lot of images, so it ate up a good portion of yesterday and today.  The other two were much shorter.  I kept thinking how much I personally want a kitchen like the one in Practical Magic and chose my images

It's not technically the end of the week since I still have a neighborhood piece on Beverly and a lesson on Maya Angelou in the draft stage I intend to revise and submit tomorrow, as well as a trip downtown, to pick up some chap covers for next week.  I'll be working on some writing and press stuff leisurely over the weekend, but no writing for a couple days unless its this blog. Last week I kept feeling this same feeling of surprise as a payout for the neighborhood guides and my first official check for the antique site hit my bank account--that really, I'm still surprised when I actually get paid for writing things at all.   After what is decades of writing and never getting paid much anything outside of some tiny royalties and some reading/workshop stipends. It feels surreal, but also very right. There's been a bit of hustle through the spring and much anxiety to land these gigs, but I have a full and satisfying plate now, so I fully intend to sit back and enjoy them.