Friday, April 29, 2022

notes & things | 4/29/2022

The week began with tiny celebrations in the form of lemon cake and new vintage procurements of lovely sea glass colored glassware. With afternoon naps, italian feasts,  and new books in the form of animal, vegetable, monster. It was a less raucous birthday than some in the past, but covid is still very much a thing and it was a Monday to boot. I did give myself permission for a couple days to do nothing much productive, which has led to doubling down the past couple of days on money-making things. The weather is still uninspiring after a single favorable Saturday, but I am hoping this weekend looks a little more like the cusp of May than March. I did swap out my spring clothes on Sunday, so hopefully they will be wearable (though I may have to wear my winter coat even still)  Every day, despite the clouds, there is a little more green on the trees I can see near the street, so its something...

There is a day of lit events mid May at the American Writer's Museum I may take in if things are not too contagious out there.  It's free, and though the poetry seems a little spare compared to fiction, it might be worthwhile.  I am hoping to get to take advantage of a lot of things I missed out on while working (or laying prone in bed exhausted from working on weekends.)  Leaving home now is a treat and less of a daily obligation and even a mid-week movie (last week, we went to see this and it was so good.)is a thing I really enjoyed and want to do more.  Plus things like plays and more museum visits. So much of the last two decades has been working constantly and strange schedules and just a lot going on I kind of forget why I like living in a city. 

Over the weekend, I hit pause on the NAPOWRIMO poems, mostly becuaue I wanted a break and no work-related obligations over the weekend.  I intend to pick them up this coming month and maybe edit and finish them off, however long that series winds up being.  I am not too hard on myself about not finishing, since I did make it about as far in as I usually do the last couple years. In the past, I've completed whatever I started in April over the summer anyway (this was the case in 2020 with overlook.) I would like to get back to weekday daily writing anyway, since it always is super fruitful, even if I toss a lot of it out. 


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