Monday, January 24, 2022

the plague letters

Slightly over a year ago, I finished a series of poems about the pandemic.  It was the second one, folllowing bloom written over the summer. I remember thinking why bother?  Since surely after the spring and vaccines, covid would be but a tiny bad memory of not so good year. I was, of course, wrong.  So at least the poems are not, as I get them into zine form along with some accompanying collages, out of date and woefully behind the times.  

Sadly, they are still very much of the moment. They are one of the sections of the collapsologies manuscript, of course, where they fit with bloom and some other poems, not necessarily about the pandemic, but about the world during and around the pandemic--the Shining poems, the tabloid pieces. The collages are much more recent and made specifically for the zine in the last couple months while I kept getting distracted by everything else. 

You can read the entirety here in e-zine form...

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