Saturday, January 01, 2022

hello, 2022

Somehow, the new year crept in while I was doing quite ordinary things like putting away my late grocery order and feeding the cats, but it crept in nonetheless, quietly and without much fanfare except the group of raucous Loyola-ans who spilled loudly out of the elevator and into the lobby as I retrieved my bags a few minutes beiore midnight.  2021, she left as quietly as she appeared last year when we'd had too much champagne and missed the countdown entirely. This year, I was alone and ordered chinese food and finished a writing piece on Henry Fuselli's The Nightmare. (I've only done a few visual art assignments just yet, but it seemed to fit well with my recent blitz on gothic novels and romanticism.)  

So far 2022 is snowstorms and clementines and croissants with butter. I was awake late so slept pretty late today, and with the weather, I may just go back to my bed. I still feel like this week is a strange state of limbo, neither here nor there. I am back to work again on Monday, at least for the next month or so, though I feel like the exterior world is a far more covidy place than I left it before Christmas. I will put on my heavy-duty mask and brave public transportation once again, though I am hoping nothing kills me before I get to work from home in February.  At this point I probably won't die, but the disruption sucks. Overcrowded hospitals suck. General breakdown of society sucks.  And yet, disease flying around, we are expected to pretend its normal.  In fact, mostly I see people, even people who say they are vaxxed and careful,  pretending its normal, going to restaurants and New Years Parties. Do they feel safe?  Because I sure as hell do not. And really, this sort of shit is how we got into this mess.  

Normally, I would fill this space with plans, for projects, for goals, for resolutions, whatever form those take. I have a major life job-related change coming up, but I am still treading carefully as we come into the new year. I need to drink more water and take more walks. I would like to finally read novels.  I have plans to release animal, vegetable, monster in late February. Other than that, I am making no promises. 

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