Sunday, November 28, 2021

notes & things | 11/28/2021

And then, somehow it's the end of November, when just a few weeks ago, even that late in the year seemed an impossibility. Thanksgiving was just immediate family,   but it was nice to have better cooking than I managed on my own staying away last year   I came back to the city last night, once again leaving Rockford on the bus as it was turning in for the night and landing in a lively, glistening city, that on a Saturday night is bustling with shoppers and strollers even at 10pm. This city, that is way too expensive and occasionally too full of people is still worth it, especially when she has her holiday best on and everything lit up. I took the long bus home from Union Station, up through the north side and past the zoo lights, which I am hoping to get to this year.  I fear the new variant may put more of a damper on the holidays, but it's too early to tell. I did't have any indoor plans for the holiday, but it'd be nice to do some outdoors ones if it's not too cold. 

Today, I slept late and am waiting for a grocery order this afternoon.  I did get out my christmas tree and my winter coats from the depths of the entryway closet.  I ordered a new wreath for my door and a gold star to hang above the tree (it's the smaller, more minimalist one with just lights and pinecones.) I'm loving varying shades of green as colors, maybe some gold and cream.  I've never been a fan of traditional red and green. I love red in clothes and lipstick, but not so much in decor.)  There were years I convinced my mom into schemes of burgundy and hunter, and in my own apartment, pastels and jewel tones. Golds and ambers.  The ghosts of christmas decor past live in a box along with my larger tree, but the last few years, that tree seemed too heavy, both literally and emotionally.  Plus, you know, demon siameses. I usually get most of my gifts delivered ahead of me to my dad's so I don't have to lug them there,  so I don't have but a couple gifts to keep under it anyway, so small is fine. 

So, I easily set up my smaller tree, get the wreathes ready to hang and indulge in my own little holiday traditions. While I won't be eating a package of cookie dough, but I did get a carton of mint chip (in lieu of the peppermint I couldn't find.).  Also, some more of my favorite mint hot chocolate.  On decorating day, I usually kick off my bad holiday romance watching and make italian food--stuffed shells and garlic bread. I feel like as traditions crumble and rebuild, I like having my own standards. The movies, the more horrible the better. The December that I was stuck a couple weeks in bed with a pinched nerve several years ago, I binged one after another and it's now become a tradition in and of itself. Most are terribly written and sometimes badly acted, but there are some that are endearing enough to return to each year. 

This week, I am leading a discussion Tues night on Bad Art and finishing up the virtual exhibit. i am hesitant to start too much planning for the spring with my plans so in flux at the moment. We are in the final dregs of the semester, the last two weeks where everyone wanders around slightly glassy eyed and stressed out--students, faculty, and staff alike. In art things, I am working on a little #artadvent project for instagram that will have new pieces daily (instead of just old ones like last year) under the theme of "All the Creatures, Stirring" which works in a little more gothic undertones of christmas (think A Christmas Carol and Krampus legends.) It will be sort of a virtual paper doll house (the logistics on this I am still working on) but will be debuting on Weds. 

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