Monday, April 19, 2021

notes & things | 4/19/2021

This past week has been deceptively sunny, but chillier than it seems like it should be, though by now everything is blooming, even the slowest things. I have to remind myself daily how nice, even despite covid fears, it is to be out in the world to appreciate spring. Last year, I was shut inside, far more than I probably needed to be and felt like I missed so much.  It was also a busy week, with finishing up the online exhibit, a zine workshop on Weds, and finishing with our artist discussion Thursday night (and then of course, Friday in which I had a lot of daily things to catch up on that had fallen by the wayside earlier in the week.)  

While I did pretty good at daily poems the first half of the month, and am determined to see it through to 30, if not in April entirely  yesterday I gave over to loafing about and watching fashion videos and doing much of nothing (that is, except pondering whether I can possibly pull off metallics in my wardrobe and napping).  I am okay with this.  While I sometimes edit things on Saturdays when my brain is a little quieter, usually I don't push myself to actually write on those days, and lately, I've been careful to make sure they feel like days off--and that includes even my more creative pursuits, which are still a kind of work. Mostly Saturdays get eaten up in housekeeping and self-care and then just happily existing on Sundays with no productivity expectations.

This week is quieter, though I have a lot of press work to do on forthcoming books. Some cover designs and web shop updates. Firming up our Manifest plans for May and some Urban Legends trivia action in a couple weeks. In a week, it's my birthday day and a few days later, my second vaccine shot.  I'm feeling good about 47, though 46 seems to have barely happened.  I managed to score a green floral peasant dress I'd been stalking for a bit that kept being out of stock for my official birthday dress, though since it falls on a Sunday, it may have to wait for Monday wearing if it's actually warm enough (they are expecting some snow tomorrow, even this late in the year.)  


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