Wednesday, April 07, 2021

napowrimo day no. 7

 the museum of curiosities 



You can see the two-faced kitten for only a dime. 

A monkey riding a goat for one dollar. 

The creatures line up in their glass cases 


and watch the humans wander through unmarred. 

Posing with hats and umbrellas. 

With coats and eyeglasses. So human 


and yet, they, too, arrange themselves on cue. 

The woman and child holding a cookie 

in his fat little fingers. The man carrying  


a briefcase filled with bibles. They hover  

over a box of birds. All of them, bodies falling  

so cleanly into their part.  


The girl clutching her broken doll was so sullen 

All pinafores and petticoats and pout. 

Later, at a place called home, the mother 


will tuck her into bed, smooth the curls  

from her hair.  Here, the rabbits 

stand wide eyed through the night.  


The lights in the museum dim 

and we all feel the animals in our bodies 

unwind, curl, and fall fast asleep.  





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