Tuesday, March 02, 2021

the self-publishing diaries | feed update

Last night, I approved and finalized the very last set of proofs for FEED--a feat that had been hanging over me for weeks during which I just never managed to quite get them done.  My days would start out with intention, but my nights, when I normally work on editing stuff, were clogged up with other work.  At long last, every t is crossed and every i dotted and all that's left to do is order a batch of copies. There were only some minor tweaks and corrections in the actual text, but most of it was margins and design stuff you get stuck with when going it without another press taking care of it. While I get to play and test print galleys for chapbooks, a perfect bound is a little more trial and error, and I'm surprised that first attempt came out so well--esp. the cover, which is glorious. I will definitely use the same printers when doing subsequent books for sure.  It did make me immensely grateful for chapbooks and their smallness, which is a much more tidy vehicle usually and over the years, I've been able to streamline the layout and proofing process. 

I should have copies in hand before March is over, and will be able to get them in the shop then,  Maybe they'll find readers, maybe no one will buy one at all, but its done and out there in the world, and perhaps will fall into the hands it needs to.  It feels like such a personal book, and maybe its the subject matter or my own headspace. As we head into a year anniverary in lockdown, it's hard to imagine that a year ago I was waiting for SEX & VIOLENCE to be released into the wilds and how much that book has found readers, so I hope this one does as well.  I'm finding that the self-publishing experience, while it seemed scary in the planning, has actually been a rather sane and orderly, especially since I could work with my own timelines, which seems important with pandemic brain.  It's valuable to have another press, another editor with a design team.  But there's also a lot to be learned doing these things yourself.  The book exists, now the hard work will be finding the readers.. 

But for now, you can check out the book trailer, as well as the swallow videos that offer a glimpse to what's in the longer book. Enjoy!


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